Meeting Minutes Minutes of Meeting - July 24, 2016
Location: Yarmouth Legion Branch in Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia

The meeting was opened by Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker at Yarmouth Legion Branch 61 at 1:00pm followed by the opening prayer offered by Spiritual Leader Adrienne Speck.

Reports: Memberships are coming in fast and furiously with the count over 21,000 plus, many from other groups.

Chief captain of the Hunt in checking with the Dept of fisheries has no new concrete info at this time.

Chief Negotiator Charles Crosby has had meetings with our MP and MLA. He was told that when the Federal Gov't approves us there will be no push back from the province. A lawyer's input was recommended for all issues pertaining to recognition of EWMNNS.

Vivian Bridgeo was introduced as assistant to the Grand Chief.

Minutes of Council meeting, July 21st and General meeting May 22nd. Were read with no follow up required.

The letter written to PM Trudeau in January was answered by Caroline Bennett, Minister of Indigenous Affairs recommending that we continue sending EWMNNS to Ian Ketcheson (Director of Relations Directorate).

Mary Lou produced documents proving that she was an heir to Francois Mius d'azy who signed a treaty which was witnessed by Jonathan Belcher for King George 111 stating that from 1761 ALL of Nova Scotia was included as part and parcel of native lands. This Treaty is the only one that is recognized by the Federal Government.

As proof of heritage, Mary Lou Parker, (as an individual) is suing for the return of native lands or 100 million dollars. These negotiations are being conducted by the UN for her. The meeting agreed as a whole that she is doing the right thing.

Harvesting Rights were once again discussed with disappointment being stressed.

Our Negotiator Charles Crosby is working with a September deadline for results for our situation. The media has been used for airing our dilemmas as well of word of mouth. He cannot understand why the Province is stalling when the Federal Gov't will provide the capital and the province can charge administration fees, thus gaining monies, if in fact money is a factor.

We want to conduct a summit of all groups east of Ontario partly to prove that they ARE Metis in Eastern Canada. In order to achieve our goals we MUST come together and have a Bigger voice.

The meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer at 2:45pm.


Minutes of Meeting - MAY 29, 2016
Location: RCL Bicentennial in Westphal, Nova Scotia

Meeting was opened by Chief Howard Griffin with an introduction of council members, and then was passed onto our Grand Council for a question and answer meeting.

After having read our minutes, there were a few questions from this new group 'The Eastern Shore Division';

Pam Young had a question on leasing crown land. She said that in order to continue to lease the crown land which had been in her family for many years, she had to go through 'adverse possession'. She also stated that 'once you take a lease you admit that they own the land'. Therefore, this falls under a sort of grandfather clause. You just need to show them that you've been there already for many years.

Another member asked '' Why are our numbers so low at our meetings when we have over 20,000 members?'' Because we are scattered all over Nova Scotia and some of our other provinces. Were most of the people from Yarmouth? No they were from all over Nova Scotia.

Adam Jennings asked; how and when the Eastern Division group was formed? Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker explained how she appointed the chief for the new group and then he chose his council. Don Cash; adding to the previous question responded; we had a meeting prior to forming this group. Howard did his homework and asked Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker for guidance.

Gary Jennings; What about fishing rights? Every province has their own rules as far as fishing in different districts. The Federal government recognizes us but for now our provincial government does not.

Our member spoke and said she had a small business in Nova Scotia and that CAMC which are national and international are accepting our Metis cards. It is the only association that recognizes us.

Lisa Griffin; Is the issue that the Nova Scotia provincial government won't recognize us even though the Federal government does? Yes this is definitely the issue we are having.

Who do contact to address this issue? First we will go to the Premier of NS and if that doesn't work we are going to demonstrate. At any given time we can have 2000 people sitting on the Federal Government doorstep. We have all the proof and documentation the Metis movement started here in Nova Scotia.. you cannot change history.

What about our provincial Human Rights? We have sued the Human Rights and the government of NS. The Department of Human Rights recognizes us.

The Community College teaches about Metis heritage.

We were asked to send a copy of the Department of Human Rights recognizing us to Howard.

Charles Jennings; What about gas taxes? We can use our Metis cards at Treaty Gas Bar in Sheet Harbour, but this depends on the proprietor or shop owner whether or not they take it. Treaty Gas in Cole Harbour also takes our Metis cards.

Eastern Turf in Burnside and Stewiake recognizes our cards.. Bought a snowblower and didn't have to pay taxes on it. . They just want a photocopy of our Metis card to give to the delivery driver when delivered to your home. Naturalizer in the Micmac Mall also recognizes our Metis cards.

Members have bought vehicles and have not had to pay taxes at dealers such as; O'Reagans, Race Auto in Dartmouth, and Kia in Yarmouth

Will we be getting our Metis card number on our drivers license? Yes we believe so. The only holdup for our Metis rights is the NS government.

We will be posting the letter from the Department of Human Rights recognizing us on our website.

They have decided to combine both groups; Shades of Colour and Eastern Shore group. An invite has been given to Shades of Colour that they are welcome to come to their meetings.

We have been given a $3500 grant for our gathering in June. We will have food, speakers, talks about Louis Riel and Andre LeBeouf; who they really were. Members are asked to please bring their Metis cards so that they get their food for free.

We have written numerous letters to organizations to help people obtain jobs or get funded for college, university and RCMP.

We are hoping to get medical care cards once the NS government recognizes us.

There are not many people in Nova Scotia who are not Metis. We are the first people, the first Canadians. We come from Maliseet, Cree, Apache, Blood, and mi'kmaq.

One of our members is a Geneologist since 1973 and has had her DNA done and has been found to have native blood as far back as 12 generations. Other Geneology sites that are good are '23 and me' and '" for DNA testing.

We would like to thank Clarence Kepsik and John Richards for the music they played at our intermission. It was a lovely mix of Aboriginal and European style music.

We would also like to thank the Eastern Shore group for inviting us to their first meeting and for the gift they presented to our Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker.

A closing prayer was given by our Spiritual Leader Adrienne Speck.

Meeting was closed by Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker.





Minutes of Meeting - March 26, 2013
Location: Knights of Columbus on Collins Street in Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia

Meeting opened with prayer at 7pm by Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker.

There were 77 members in attendance.

Correspondence was read and passed by floor.

Those members present were brought up-to-date on the Federal Government and where we stand. Liaison report from Jerome Downey was read by Grand Chief Parker and was accepted by the floor. Our long range plans were discussed and it was decided that we must "plan our work" and "work our plan".

Members were informed about our new Circles: "Spirit of the Buffalo" (Halifax) with Chief Barry Marchand; "Spirit of the Hawk" (Sydney) with Chief Denny David; and the "Bear" Circle (Truro/Central Nova Scotia) with Chief Sandy Little.

New phone numbers were given for Education; call toll free to 1-855-463-7747

We now have a "Negotiator", Mr. Charles Crosby, the former Mayor of Yarmouth. He will be working with the government on all levels.

At this meeting we were offered FREE advertising from Larry Miller, the owner of the Flying Cow news sheet, which reaches over 6,000 businesses. Thanks a million Larry!!

We were offered a hall and space to hold Pow-Wow's by Sheridan Lawrence Sr. This hall is in Greensville, Yarmouth Co., and is very acceptable for all.

We also discussed at this meeting that we will focus on us (Eastern Woodland Métis Nation Nova Scotia) and not worry about other Métis organizations. We must show our cards wherever we shop. Eventually they will be recognized.

Our strategy is not to worry about First Nations. They, in the long run, will come to us.

We are working for the good of the organization and will NOT interfere with any council member nor will they interfere with any council member in their respective position within the Nation.

A question period was held and info was passed between council and members. It was passed that we have a financial report ready for the next meeting. The next meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus in Yarmouth on Tuesday, May 7p.m. Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm by Grand Chief Parker.

Minutes submitted by Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker.