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May 2017 - Welcome to our newest division (#8), Annapolis Valley Tidal Division (Spirit of the Fox), which encompasses Digby to Windsor. Your Chief is Todd Pineo. His contact is 705-227-9448.

On Sunday July 31, 2016 EWMNNS Grand Council members were at the Killam Brother's Marina in Yarmouth to meet with Captain Narnou Thompson of the Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe Hokule'a. This was their first visit to Canada. They were here on a cultural visit to meet 1st Nation and Indigenous peoples of the area. Chief Gilbert Parker presented our flag and some information on the Metis culture in Nova Scotia. Negotiator/Speaker Charles Crosby and Spiritual Leader Adrienne Speck also welcomed our visitors.I was also there but was overcome with the heat (I have COPD) and was unable to do the presentation myself.
Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker

Read Meeting Minutes - July 24, 2016

Read an Open Letter to the Senators of Atlantic Canada, asking for support to obtain recognition for ALL Métis of the Atlantic Provinces - Letter to Senators of Atlantic Canada (June 2015)"

Poem by Donna Dawson entitled "Discovery".

Dear EWMNNS Members: Please use this "Form Letter Requesting Support to Obtain Recognition for All Métis of the Atlantic Provinces" to contact your MLA or MP. You do not require a stamp from Canada Post to mail a letter to your MP or MLA.

Congratulations from the members and council of Eastern Woodland Metis Nation N.S. to Spencer Muise (who is a member) and the bass player for the "Blue Jean River Band' formally known as the "Rockabilly's". The Blue Jean River Band has recently been nominated for an East Coast Aboriginal Recording of the year for their new album "Eastbound" this will be in NFLD. Receiving this nomination is a true testament to the hard work and dedication the members have put in the studio to finish the album and release their best music to date. In 2013 Spencer was awarded a scholarship through inspire to take a music business course at the Dartmouth Waterfront Campus. Since graduating the course he has applied all the skills and knowledge he attained while studying at NSCC to pursue his career in music with the band. The new album "Eastbound" is available on ITunes, and to find out more about the band you can find them on all forms of social media. - Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker

Listen to a CJLS Radio interview with Chief Parker (December 7, 2014) - Listen Now!


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Welcome to our Halifax Dartmouth Division! Your Chief is Patrick LeBlanc. His contact is netraider247@gmail.com or 902-435-9109.
Earlier in 2016 we welcomed the new circle in West Arichat.

The Spring 2016 Newsletter is now available online! Please Click Here to read.

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We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children, their future rests in our hands.
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Definition of Métis
A person of mixed blood; specifically: a person of European and North American Indian Ancestry, regardless of how many generations back (i.e. a person who is not entitled to registry through the Indian Act), a person who Self Identifies and is accepted by the Community.

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