Métis People of Atlantic Canada

What is your opinion on the Government of Canada still only recognizing the Métis from Ontario and Western Canada? Do you think there is bias and blatant discrimination against the Atlantic Provinces Métis population?

We need ALL MÉTIS IN CANADA to come together and decide what to do for future generations or we will become EXTINCT!!!.

The following is something for you to consider...

  • Who decides who is a true Métis?
  • What is the criterion for being a Métis?
  • Why would it be geographical? Surely a Métis living anywhere in Canada is still a Métis?
  • Why is the word “Historic Homeland” used?
  • Wherever the Métis landed, had families and lived their lives, East or West is “Home”.
  • Why would there only be one “Homeland”. Who decided that?
  • The Métis of today are for the most part “urban” dwellers and don’t exist in a “Homeland” sense of the word.
  • Why should the Métis who live in western Canada be responsible for determining who is a true Métis and who isn’t?
  • Are we going down the road of the racist Indian Act where the Federal Government decides who is Métis and who isn’t?
  • Unlike First Nations, we live all over this country and are still Métis. We are not restricted by boundaries, borders or reservations.
  • Europeans arrived in places all over this country where there was water to sail and a shore to land on. They then married into the indigenous population and hence the word Métis being of mixed blood.
  • We need one “Canadian” definition of what a Métis is, not a Western Canada definition. It must not be based on blood quantum, geographic location or this so called Métis Homeland.
  • All Chiefs/Presidents/Prime Ministers (they all have different names) from all Métis Nations MUST come up with a collective national definition of what a Métis person is. One that is inclusive and acceptable to all Métis people across Canada.
  • Western Canada should not dictate to the rest of Canada their vision of what a Métis person is. It cannot be a Western vs. Eastern definition.
  • We also should not leave it up to the Federal Government to decide our future and who we are as a people.
  • We have to decide on what role we want the Federal and Provincial government to play? What do we want from them? What do we need from them? What do we expect from them?
  • We have to step away from “who is responsible for us”. We must be responsible for ourselves!
  • Colletively we also should come up with a set of principles, values and a vision for our people.
  • We need to step away from this antiquated way of always asking for money, benefits etc. That is how people will see us as always having our hands out. We need to be self reliant, self sufficient and earn our way like every other Canadian. Then we will have respect for ourselves, for each other and others will respect us in return.
  • The Federal Government can`t decide for us as that is discrimination and an abuse of powers. This also has to do with federal provincial relations as well.
  • We should only ask for whatever every other Canadian gets and that the government is not responsible for us no more than any other Canadian, then we have achieved our goal. We as a Nation can decide on our future and our role. If we want something from the government then we can negotiate in good faith.
  • As long as we ask the government to look after us and be responsible for us (a ward) then they will control us and control who we are as a people and as a Nation.
  • If all the Nations across Canada came together we will have power to deal with governments at all levels. It is the old adage of one arrow alone will break but put many together and we are strong. We all have to row our canoes in the same direction, have one voice and one identity. One Nation!
  • Why would anyone want the old colonial style of government in 2015?
  • I don’t need the Federal Government to be responsible for me? I am not a beggar but a proud Métis person. I will look after myself and my family.
  • I also don`t need a card to tell me who I am and where I came from! I know who I am!
  • I am Métis!

    I am Métis!